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November 23, 2011

how to travel in flight for the first time

How to travel by flights for the first time.

Hello friends, this is the basic knowledge how to travel by flights
for the first time flyer

First thing is that you have to decide your travelling day and
destination (the city which you are going to) You can check easily if
you have Internet in your computer or mobile gprs or any Internet cafe
then logon to http://makemytrip.com or from your mobile phone
http://m.makemytrip.com and check your Date and flight time and fare,
if you got the details then you can book it online using your credit
card or through agents or directly at airport counter by cash or card.

When you book the ticket they will give you one unique code by SMS and
also in your ticket known as PNR number, suppose if you want to
cancel the ticket then you have to cancel it TWO hours before the
boarding time.

Before coming to airport please ensure that everything is perfect example like
1=Recharging your mobile battery and amount
2=carrying your name and photo id card
3=any emergency medical tablets
4=sweater and little cotton Budd
5=your hand and carriage baggage should not be exceed more than 25kg
for single person
6=put all your liquid item like perfume, shaving set, jel, drinking
liquids more than 200ml, in your carriage bag because they don't allow
you to carry in hand.
You have to reach airport before 1 hours(for domestic airlines) and 2
hours for (international flights) at the given time printed on your
ticket, When you enter the airport first show your ticket and id proof
to security , Scan your baggage
Collect your boarding pass from your airline counter
Then stand in Q for security check-in and keep your belongings at
x-ray scanning, like mobile phones, laptop, keychains, your pocket
items and cabin baggage, after screening collect your scanned items,

Search for your gate number Be seated or shop or washroom Be careful
when you want to purchase anything inside airport, because they are
much expensive, please keep the airport clean by throwing waste in
Dustbins, many people just throw on the floor so if you font know
where is toilet, smoking zone, dustbin or etc then have a look at
display board which will show you the directions, boarding time start
20mnt before at the given time, you will get the announcement of your
flight or you can check the display board or monitor, then show your
boarding pass to the security and board the flight, if you need any
help you can meet your airlines staff then search for your seat and
listen to cabin crew or poilet announcement then switch off your
mobile and place your seat belt to take-off the flight. When flight
reach the maximum height then you are free to make phone call or have
some refreshments,

When the time is near then again you will get the announcement from
cabin staff that your flight will get land within few minutes, after
landing you will be taken to arrival from where you can collect your
baggage, now after arrival you can get call taxi to your destinations,

Hope you enjoyed safe journey thank you.

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