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March 22, 2012

How to buy GOLD

☻ 24kt or Pure Gold has content of 99.9% GOLD .999 Fine

☻22kt--91.7% Gold --- Stamped 917


☻18kt--75% Stamped 750

☻14kt--58.5% Stamped 585


☻10kt--41.7% Stamped 417

☻9kt --37.5% Stamped 375

☻8kt --33.3%

☻Silver--- 9.25 Stamped 925 (Sterling)

Silver ---9.99 Stamped .999 (Fine or Pure)

☻Platinum---PLAT, 950PT, 950 PLAT, 900PLAT 10%IRID

Note: Other gold stampings such as 15kt, and 16kt gold are
not used any longer. When a 15kt stamp appears in jewelry,
this would indicate it is a antique piece. Most 16kt gold is
used for dental purposes only and you will not see it used in
jewelry. Most of the other stampings 8kt, 9kt and 12kt are of
a lesser gold quality and are not generally highly desirable. European
stamping of equalivant gold is simple, a thee digit number for the
related stamp is the quality or finess of Gold. Actual Gold Test by
Nick P. 1. Check Color, is it White, Yellow, Tricolor, or Rose Color?
Beware of white always check stampings as Silver (925), and Platinum
(950 PLAT) are sometimes mistaken for white gold! 2. Check Stamping
marks (see above for referance) with a 10x jewelers loupe or better.
☻ Beware of other types of markings such
as GE, HGE, GP, EP, GF, G.F. as these are ALL GOLD PLATED markings and
should be avoided. Sometimes you will see other
letters or writings and or symbols these are manufacture marks
and if English, date markings and orgin of piece. 3. Sometimes a piece
of jewelry has no markings or stamps of any kind do not be alarmed .
Many jewelry item stampings are over
time have worn off, have been resized or never even stamped
. Acid testing, not recommend for the general public as ACID is
dangerous and will damage clothing and skin. 5. This is the process we
use at Valley of Jewels for proper identification of our gold
content. An average Acid test kit has six
test acids 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, 20kt. PLATINUM, and SILVER. The
jewelry is rubbed onto a small slate (this removes a very small
content of gold) and then the acid is applid to the gold . The gold
will stay if it is real or may fade away as it will be fake or plated.
The gold is then tested up the scale for purity starting with 10kt
then 14kt up to 20kt as it may not stay on the slate with a 18kt
acid and will on a 14kt acid would indicate it is of 14kt gold.This
may take some practice, it is always best to check with a base
metal for comparison.

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