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May 2, 2012


The superstitions.

1. A sack full of rice will be spoilt

when touched by women in periods!

it will also get spoilt if touched by

women after having sex

2. Coconut tree, Ashoka Tree, Banyan

Tree etc are considered sacred

3. The tail end of cows is considered

as most sacred part as fortune

Lakshmi lives there!!,

4. The "VAASTU" as a guide for floor

plans of a house is a superstitious


5. East is the most preferred direction

for all activities (I've seen some of

them preferring to sit facing east

even in the office),

6. Do not proceed , if a cat crosses

your way, it brings omen

7. Looking at cat in the morning is


8. Looking at mother's face or picture

of God as soon as you open your

eyes in the morning will bring good

luck for that day,

9. Giving or taking anything in the

left hand is bad (you know what left

hand is used for in India )

10. Never ask the question "where

are you going? " while they are

leaving house, its purpose will not be


11. Repeatedly yawning

indicates that someone is

remembering you,

12. Sneezing odd no. of times

indicates that something bad could


13. Sneezing once when you make a

statement indicates that what you

said is true,

14. If a lizard makes a sound when

you make a statement, it indicates

that what you said is true ,

15. Tuesdays & Saturdays are

inauspicious for doing anything new

or good deeds,

16. Monday is inauspicious day for

shaving and thursday is inauspicious

day for washing one's hair.

17. You can't have non-veg on

certain days,

18. There is particular timing during

daytime called "Rahukaal", where it is

considered as inauspicious for doing

anything new or good deeds,

19. There are two months in a year

which are inauspicious,

20. No moon day is inauspicious,

21. Right eye twitching is good for

men, left eye twitching is good for


22. Never sleep with your head

facing north or west,

23. cawing of crow or itching of

right palm indicates arrival of guests,

24. Never wash the front courtyard

immediately after someone leaves

the house,

25. If there is itching on the right

palm (left for female) you can get

some money or favors,

26. Unusual winking of eyes is a

symptom of ill, luck or decease,

27. Going below the ladder is jinx,

28. Never cross or jump across the

worshiped pumpkins or coconuts on

the road.

29. During house warming

ceremony, the milk is heated in a

vessel in such a way that it will

overflow towards east direction,

30. If you see cat giving birth, then it

brings the good luck

31. Open the front door during dusk,

so that Lakshmi (fortune) enters the


32. Never sweep the house during

night time or Lakshmi (fortune) will

not enter your house.

33. Cutting nails, hair-cutting, shaving

or stitching cloth after sun set is a

bad practice, (obviously coz of no

electricity during old times, doing

these in the dark could be dangerous,

but its still believed to be a bad


34. Taking a teaspoon of curd with

litle sugar before exam will bring

good luck

35. Turning on the lights in all rooms

of the house so that Lakshmi doesn't

miss your house.

36. Coming across a widow is bad


37. Sneezing while starting to some

place will make you reach that place

late unless you sit down and have

some water.

38. There are whole bunch of

superstitions associated with lizards.

Depending on what part of your

body they come into contact

different things will happen.

39. If a dog starts wailing then

something bad will happen.

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